On August 16, the Israeli navy declared the Gaza sea a closed military zone. A few days later, a group of Gaza fishermen decided to take their chances

‘People of the Cave’: Palestinians Take their Fight for Justice to the Mountains

Ramzy Baroud

editor of Palestine Chronicle.
August 20, 2020

Palestinians are not going anywhere. This is the gist of seven decades of Palestinian struggle against Zionist colonialism. The proof? The story of Ah

How Israel's lobbyists occupied Mandela's legacy

Nkosi Zwelivelile Mandela

member of parliament in South Africa
July 22, 2020

"Where is the Palestinian Mandela?" is a question I have often heard from Israel's defenders. What they are really asking is: Where is the Palestinian

Hubris: Israel's Endgame in Palestine

Marwan Bishara

the senior political analyst at Al Jazeera
July 02, 2020

The Palestinians will not be bribed or intimidated to pack and leave; they will remain steadfast in their homeland. If anything, it is the Israelis who seemingly are leaving.

Gantz's 'Sorrow' Over Killing of Disabled Palestinian is Meaningless

Muhammad Shehada

a writer and civil society activist from the Gaza Strip
June 09, 2020

When it comes to Palestinian suffering, Israel rarely looks itself in the mirror. And when it does, it seldom takes any real action to change the oppression of millions of Palestinians under its occupation.

From Minneapolis to Palestine, Racism is the Common Enemy

Ahmed Abu Artema

a writer based in Gaza and a researcher at the Center for Political and Development Studies.
June 03, 2020

Indeed, what unites racists everywhere is the belief that they have superior characteristics to those of a different race or religion. This means the struggle against all forms of racial discrimination must be global.

Refugee or Citizen, That is the Question

Rana Shubair

a Palestinian Writer
May 18, 2020

No generation of my people ever wavered those rights and no generation ever will. Our existence on this land is as entrenched into the soil as the timeless olive trees.

Does Israel Have the Right to Cage 2 Million People in a Coronavirus-Ravaged Prison?

Jamie Stern-Weiner

The editor of Moment of Truth
April 20, 2020

For thirteen years, Israel has kept two million Palestinians in Gaza chained inside the world’s largest open-air prison camp. Now the global COVID-19

Two years have passed since the Great Return March protests were launched. Although the protest has been suspended, the cause behind it hasn’t been re

The Not-so-Shocking Report on Israeli Weapons Exports

Ramzy Baroud

editor of Palestine Chronicle.
March 27, 2020

The Middle East region, battered by wars and adjoining humanitarian crises that have left millions of people stateless, hungry and diseased, is in urg

Israel's Attack on Palestinian Bread

Mariam Barghouti

a Palestinian American writer based in Ramallah
March 10, 2020

Why the closure of an old Palestinian bakery in Jerusalem matters?

A Terrifying Scenario: Corona virus in ‘Quarantined’ Gaza

Ramzy Baroud

editor of Palestine Chronicle.
March 05, 2020

While the question carries great urgency for all Palestinians living under Israel’s military occupation, the Gaza situation is particularly complex an